CFI – Retarder proofers

CF range – Retarder proofer

Exceptional Quality and Environmentally Responsible

• The enclosure consists of panels assembled by eccentric and centring hooks.
• Insulating panels are in «ecological» polyurethane foam: the expansion agent is water-based.
• Injection is at high pressure with guaranteed density of 42kg/m3. High pressure has the power to form extremely fine particles which increases the insulating power of the foam produced
• Interior and exterior panels are clad front and back in 6/10 electro-galvanized sheeting, covered in a food-safe high resistant 120 micron PVC film.
• Optional stainless steel version.
• Very high resistance in an aggressive environment and atmosphere.
• R404A ecological refrigerating system.


Energy savings

Our whole production process aims to control energy right from the design stage.
• Eccentric hooks have two movements :
o The first brings together the panels to be assembled
o The second tightens them to obtain play of less than 3/10ths (compliant with the N.F.H.A – Norme Française d’Hygiène Alimentaire – French food safety standard)
• Exclusive assembly profile that guarantees excellent seal and thus considerably reduces leakages.


CF C-TOUCH Range: C-Touch intermediate proofer

The family of controlled intermediate proofers in the CF range offers a very wide choice of definitions and configurations:

Type Support Nbr off rack on Standard
CF48 400×800 from 1 to 4
CF68 600×800 from 1 to 9
CF88 800×800 / 750×950 / 800×880 from 1 to 10
CF1000 800×1000 / 700×1000 from 1 to 6
CF1200 800×1200 / 700×1200 from 1 to 6


Protection from outside

1. The finishing seal provides additional protection. It absorbs impacts and guarantees longevity by remaining within reach.
2. The robust door handle offers an excellent grip. The spiral ramp hinges are used to raise the door when opening thus adapting to the floor configuration.
3. Double sealing strip for a better tightness.
4. The adjustable door apron completes the tightness from the inside.


Protection from inside

1. The door opening system from inside the chamber is protected from impacts.
This stainless steel protection also prevents any unwanted opening of the opposite door in the tunnel units, when racks are inserted one behind the other.
2. Total absence of mounting screws from the inside of the C-Touch control.
The insulation of the door, in particular behind the control, is protected. There is no connection duct between the C-Touch control and the electric box placed above the door.
The link between the C-Touch and its electric box is perfectly integrated as its mounting.
No possible damage to these elements
3.The interior protections have a dual function:
They guide the racks and prevent all impacts on the panels.
They guarantee good circulation and distribution of air flow.
All the inner vertical and horizontal corners are rounded to facilitate cleaning and ensure perfect hygiene
4.Optional: an insulating non-slip floor avoids condensation problems and completes insulation. The floor panel mounting soles are in bi-material (rigid PVC, flexible at the ends)
They avoid infiltration of washing water and streaming. No gaps between the panel, sole and floor to facilitate cleaning and ensure perfect hygiene.
5. All construction is performed according to recommended professional standards. Technical sheathing contains all accessories needed to ensure product quality:
• 104 stainless steel body work
• Stainless steel ventilators
• Heating element in 316L stainless steel with low power per cm² to guarantee maximum longevity
• Independent humidity system using immersed an incoloy heating element


This feature ensures its reliability.

• Evaporator with long lasting corrosion protection – cataphoretic treatment
• 304 stainless steel air diffusion duct
• Optional is the automatic lighting controlled by the C-Touch. This sub-set is factory pre-mounted. The mounting holes and the refrigeration piping and supply cable passage holes are made in our premises.

The precision of the C-Touch control, combined with all these qualities, guarantees optimal result for all bread-making methods.

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