CFI – Retarder proover cabinets for bakery

Proofing cabinets

• Products from the AFB range are controlled baking fermentation cabinets, designed to take trays or grids.
• The AFB range consists of 17 standard models :
• 5 single compartment, 1-door models : AFB 48, 438, 468, 68 et 68×2
• 4 single compartment, double door models : AFB 48 2C, 438, 468 2C et 68 2C
• 4 single compartment, 5-drop down doors models : AFBP 48, 468, 68 et 68×2
• Each model is delivered as standard without humidity and can be fitted out with a humidity generator regulated by a very accurate electronic sensor
• All the models from the AFV range have drop down doors on the front



• AFB cabinets can be fully dismantled as they are made up of insulating panels joined together using eccentric hooks.
• The 60mm-thick panels are injected to a density of 45kg/m3 by a high pressure injection machine (135 bar)
• The combination of the thickness and density of the rigid polyurethane foam insulating material has been specially designed according to operational requirements, thereby minimizing heat loss and energy consumption.
• Panel surfaces in 6/10ths galvanized steel covered with a food quality PVC film of 120µ
• All interior angles are rounded
• The doors and drop down doors can be reversed as required
• All interior fittings in 100% food quality 304 stainless steel



• Stainless steel interior and/or exterior
• Electromechanical control unit
• Double glazed glass door

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